Patient Services

We offer MMJ Card renewals over the phone for your convenience!

​Want to fully understand how CBD can help you find relief from anxiety, pain, inflammation, and depression?

Having trouble navigating the Medical Marijuana Card application (MMJ) in Massachusetts?

Our expert Nurses and Healthcare Providers can help. 


Our most popular options are available in person (Rockland, MA) or via phone/telemed:


  • New Patient Medical Card + 30-Minute Nurse Consult - $150

  • Medical Card Renewal (Massachusetts) - $100                        

  • 30-Minute Nurse Consult (no card, all states)- $100                

  • 1-Hour Nurse Consult (no card, all states) - $150                    

We are committed to proper education and usage of CBD and cannabis products and destigmatizing this wunderkind plant medicine, used safely and effectively for centuries. 

Learn more about our amazing Green Network Providers team.

All Consultations include the following:

  • Introduction to Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System

  • Review of medical history, diagnoses, medications, lifestyle and current symptoms

  • What to expect when utilizing cannabis as medicine

  • Resources to other activities that will support the endocannabinoid system

  • Written, audio and visual resources