Managed Care Plan

Direct Care from a Registered Nurse

GreenNurse™ Group

  • GreenNurse individualized assessment via consultation, recommendations and care plan.

  • Ongoing Continuity of care by GreenNurses and GreenNurse Assistants.

  • GNG weekly check in via email, text or 15-minute phone calls during the first month of service. Monthly check in thereafter.

  • Bi-monthly phone call for care plan review and adjustments.

  • Two scheduled 60min GreenNurse phone consultations per year.

  • Assisting with Sign up for RMD services.

  • Support all aspects of holistic health-such as counseling, nutrition, herbalism, massage, energy work, meditation and yoga.

  • Connect patients with affiliate organizations, offering discounted products and services with other like-minded wellness companies.

  • Ongoing education platform: newsletters, blogs, videos, handouts, call in, webinars, social media

  • Annual reminder of medical care renewal of MA medical card with DPH paperwork.

  • HIPAA Compliant Internet Platform

Managed Care Plans are only available to patients who receive a Nurse Consultation or MMJ Card Service through the GreenNurse Group.

Supplemental in-home visits or phone consultations can be scheduled for an additional fee with either plan.

You can cancel or change plans at any time, for any reason.

$50/month (only $1.60 a day)

Recommendations and Information

Simple Plan

GreenNurse Group offers the Simple Care Plan for patients graduating from the Managed Care Plan and who no longer require full services, but wish to remain part of the GNG family. 

  • Requires Yearly GreenNurse individualized assessment via consultation, recommendations. (seperate charges apply for consultation)

  • Bi-monthly phone call review for adjustments.

  • Information and news regarding dispensaries and apothecary services.