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Cannabis topical application is a great introduction to cannabinoid therapeutics because it is non intoxicating and easy to incorporate into our healing routines.

What are Cannabis Topical Products

  • Products applied to the skin for localized symptom relief.

  • Products can include: creams, lotions, salves, balms, ointments, sprays, roll-ons or oil.

How Do Cannabis Topical Products Work?

  • They do not enter the blood stream, you will not get high.

  • The unique phyto-chemicals and cannabinoids found in the plant provide therapeutic healing.

  • Terpenes found in cannabis contribute to the medicinal effect.

  • Essential oils may be added for fragrance and aromatherapy benefits.

  • They work on cannabinoid receptors (CB2) in our skin where they are absorbed locally to reduce inflammation, pain, swelling and other.

  • Onset is 10-15 minutes.

  • Bioavailability systemically is zero but it works as a local anesthetic lasting for 2-4 hours.

  • Note: Transdermal patches are not the same at topical applications. Patches contain a specific chemical compound that allows absorption in blood stream for full receptor activation.

What are Cannabis Topical Products Used For?

Anti-inflammatory and Analgesia

  • Twists and sprains

  • Joint pain (arthritis)

  • Muscle pain

  • Insect bites and stings

  • Scratches

  • Burns

  • Bruises

  • Swelling

Anti-Bacterial / Antiseptic

  • Methicillin- resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA) is resistant to antibiotics.

  • Assists with wound healing (consult with your doctor 1st)such as boils, cellulitis, impetigo, folliculitis.

Antioxidant / Anti-Aging

  • Fights free radicals (metabolic terrorists caused by oxidative stress).

  • Moisturizing and nourishing to skin to keep youthful.

Acne Control - CBD reduces excess oil in the skin as it has antiseptic properties.

Psoriasis - Cannabis prevents the buildup of excess skin cells which causes the itchy, painful red patches on the skin that is common of psoriasis.

Anti-Cancer - Manage pain and heal malignant wounds.

Intimacy - Lubricant for sexual pleasure.

Massage - Many massage therapists are now offering CBD massage to enhance the experience and provide additional therapeutic benefit.

Always check with your doctor before you start something new and do not apply to open wounds without investigating ingredients to make sure it will be of benefit. "greennurse for free shipping

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