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Reiki or Energy Work with Nurse Jodi

One hour Reiki Session

  • 1 h
  • 111 US dollars
  • TBD

Service Description

Experience the profound healing and rejuvenation of Reiki and Energy Work, wherever you are, with Nurse Jodi, a dedicated and compassionate practitioner with a unique blend of nursing expertise and energy healing skills. Nurse Jodi is a Level III Reiki practitioner with 34 years dedicated to Women's Health by empowering women during the childbirth process as a Labor & Delivery Nurse. Join Nurse Jodi on a holistic healing journey through Reiki and Energy Work. With remote or in-person sessions by appointment, experience the profound benefits of these therapies tailored to your unique needs. What is Reiki and Energy Work? These gentle healing practices utilize universal life force energy to enhance balance and well-being. Nurse Jodi's nursing background enhances these ancient techniques, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony. Benefits: Stress Reduction: Combat the toll of today's fast-paced world by reducing stress and promoting relaxation, supporting your body's natural healing processes. Emotional Well-being: Release emotional blockages, reduce anxiety, and find relief from symptoms of depression in a safe, supportive space. Pain Management: Address the root causes of physical discomfort, improve circulation, and support natural pain relief mechanisms. Enhanced Sleep: Improve sleep patterns for increased vitality and mental clarity. Mental Clarity: Clear energetic blockages for improved focus and decision-making. Support for Physical Healing: Nurse Jodi's expertise complements conventional medical treatments, expediting recovery. Spiritual Connection: Tap into inner wisdom and spiritual growth, finding a deeper sense of purpose. Remote or In-Person Sessions: Choose remote sessions for comfort or in-person sessions at our welcoming location, both personalized to your needs. Appointment-Only: Nurse Jodi offers dedicated attention through appointment-only sessions, ensuring a deeper level of healing and relaxation. Experience the Healing Power of Reiki and Energy Work with Nurse Jodi. Find relief from ailments, emotional distress, or seek tranquility. Embrace Nurse Jodi's compassionate guidance for a healthier, balanced life. Book your appointment today.

Contact Details


63 Washington St, Weymouth, MA, USA

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