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A Journey Out of Self-Destruction: The Matt Thomson Story

7 singing bowls of different sizes

Having plunged into the depths of a life devoid of true vitality, feeling utterly disconnected from my own self, I extended my grasp towards any semblance of solace. This journey of self-destructive patterns persisted for a span of three decades.

Guided by an embodied coach, we can break free from these destructive cycles and rediscover a sense of completeness, ultimately unlocking our inherent strength and potential.

My introduction to breathwork and imagery occurred during my time in high school, when I was initiated into the role of a future educator and coach. Equipped with these techniques, I aimed to empower my students not only in their academic pursuits but also in their athletic endeavors. Countless inspiring narratives emerged from my tenure in the field of education.

Regrettably, it never occurred to me to employ these very tools for my own well-being during the years of grappling with addiction, anguish, and unrestrained emotions. A pivotal moment of surrender arrived one day, as I sank onto the couch and embarked on my initial personal exploration of breathwork. This marked a profoundly transformative juncture, signifying the commencement of a new voyage that gradually lifted me out of the abyss.

The journey of freeing myself has spanned 14 years up to this point. It began with entering a phase of isolation and intensive studies, which meant distancing myself from most relationships aside from work and family. The progression has been gradual, involving the development of trust in the information presented to me and having faith in the guidance that directs my path.

At the moment, I find myself anchored in daily interactions. I'm experiencing a heightened sense of presence in various situations, approaching them with increased love and compassion for both people and circumstances. I've let go of a significant amount of anger and life frustrations. This has brought me to a state of inner tranquility, enabling me to engage with life from a more instinctive space of understanding. Truly, life has become considerably more exquisite and deserving of being lived at this moment.

matt thomson surrounded by singing bowls

Currently, I engage in daily breathwork, Kundalini, somatics and energy practices. This has led to a remarkable transformation in my life, bringing forth a profound sense of joy.

One of the pathways that led to my liberation involved returning to the realm of education, gaining certification in Breathwork Facilitation, Somatic Coaching, and Sound Healing.

To check out sample videos of the Rise-Up Breathwork experience, visit his YouTube post on the PCS&M channel.


Matthew Thomson  RiseUp Breathwork Coach

Matthew Thomson

RiseUp Breathwork Coach


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